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After many years been in the teas and drink industry we realized that most providers were not focusing on selling the high quality ingredients, but more focus on how to make a profit with low quality ingredients.
In 2018 We started our own Organic High Quality Ingredient Distributor called DOYO Inc to help other tea shop owners understand the importance of using higher quality ingredients and provide Organic and Compostable items. What makes us different is our partners has their own tea farm who have won numerous awards in the tea competition.
We believe quality will always win in the long run.


Teas has been around for over thousand years yet everyone has their own opinions on it. Our partner’s family has been running their tea farm in China, Taiwan and Japan for over three hundred years. We started this company to coach and share our knowledge to friends, family, and business owners what quality tea is and how it matters to the world.


We love our Tea and Dessert Lab. We stay in our lab for countless hours developing new drinks and desserts. It is place we can focus on perfecting our craft and making it extraordinary. We go above and beyond when it comes to our drinks and desserts.